Alonzo M. Poteet III – 2017 Position on National Issues

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Military – As combat veterans know, peace comes through strength.  America must maintain a strong national defense posture, a cutting edge offensive capability, and a well-equipped and trained military as a deterrent to global threats and to deliver a decisive response when necessary.  It is critically important that a “new and improved” state-of- the-art missile defense system program be developed and deployed to protect America and our allies from international terrorist states and rogue nations such as Iran and North Korea.  Without a strong national defense, the United States grid and our way of life are threatened in ways most citizens cannot imagine.

Veterans – Promises made for service to and sacrifices on behalf of our country must be honored.  No more “kicking the can” down the road.  Effective accountability must be implemented within the Department of Veteran Affairs to ensure that services and care are of the highest quality and delivered in a timely manner.  Incompetent managers at all levels of VA must be fired and good employees who provide high-quality service to our nation’s veterans must be respected.  Whistle-blowers must be protected from unscrupulous managers that seek to discriminate against them and terminate them from government service.

Contract community healthcare must be authorized to augment VA healthcare services when a veteran lives too far a VA medical center or there are delays for healthcare delivery for whatever reason.  “Cooking the books” and cheating on service delivery to veterans must not be tolerated and directors who cheat veterans must be “cut out of the herd” without retirement as an option.

Term Limits -As your congressman, I will term limit myself to six years and then support another conservative Republican to represent the people of CD-21.  There is too much corruption and money flowing to incumbent members of of the U.S. Congress that weakens and dilutes the voice of the people.  I will reverse that trend and work with other conservatives to drain the swamp and ensure congress is made up of citizen legislators, not professional, career politicians.  

Economy – We need congressional leadership that will support President Trump’s efforts to revive America’s economic power, create jobs, and “Make America Great Again.”  Working middle class men and women should be rewarded with tax cuts.  Legislation must be passed so all Americans can keep more of their earned income.  Competition and entrepreneurship should be embraced and encouraged, not discouraged by excessive paperwork and tax burdens.

Second Amendment – The right to bear arms for personal protection and recreational activities must be embraced and strengthened for all law-abiding citizens.  The ongoing attacks by those who wish to erode or revoke this fundamental constitutional right must be vigorously opposed.  I am a proud member of the NRA and have a TX Conceal Carry License. 

Limited Government — Limit the scope, power, and overreach of the federal government to restore faith in our government institutions but not at the cost of our individual rights and freedom.  I will help get the government of your backs.

The Washington Swamp – Too many Americans have lost faith in Washington, DC and lost a sense of trust in many of our elected officials and institutions.  Service to our nation as an elected official is a profound honor, not an opportunity for self enrichment or personal fulfillment.  Voters send their representatives to DC to represent their interests and concerns, not to build political empires.  Membership in Congress should be subject to reasonable term limits, and elected officials should also be required to live under the laws they impose upon ordinary citizens.

Legal Immigration – A free and resource rich country without secure borders and a strong and enforced legal immigration process, will soon have neither freedom nor riches.  Legal immigration means our borders must be strong, and legal immigration applicants are thoroughly vetted for eligibility and ability to work as productive members of our country.  Automatic approval of “chain” migration and immigration “lottery” must be discontinued and replaced with comprehensive vetting.  Legal immigration means all applicants for U.S. Citizenship must que up and wait in line, not get a free pass and express lane to citizenship.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — I am opposed to the Implementation of any DACA legislation that conflicts with the discretion of the U.S. Congress.  I will not support any changes to the Immigration and Nationality Act that permits the reclassification of millions of illegal aliens as “lawfully present” and providing entrée to state and federal benefits.  Each applicant must be fully vetted and work toward citizenship that does not short-change or displace those who have applied for legal immigration status as U.S. citizens.

Sanctuary Cities — I am unalterably opposed to the notion and concept of Sanctuary Cities or Jurisdictions.  The United States is currently home to more than 300 Sanctuary jurisdictions and according to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, approximately 2.1 million criminal aliens are living and 1.9 million can be removed under current law.  When these illegal aliens commit crimes in the U.S., local law enforcement is prohibited from working with federal immigration officials.  Illegal aliens cost the U.S. taxpayers $113 billion in 2013, the majority of which is borne by state and local governments.  I believe there should be no safe havens for criminal aliens or any other individual committing crimes in the U.S.

Less Government Regulations — Cut unnecessary red tape and restore competition so that our economy can thrive.  Stifling effects of the government’s over-regulation and meddlesome regs must be ferreted out and rescinded or curtailed.  Bureaucrats are not elected by the people and  their intrusive regulations must be invalidated. 

Outstanding Constituent Services — I will adhere to strict conservative principals but represent and speak for all citizens in the 21st District.  Policies that are not in the best interest in the citizens of the 21st District will not be tolerated.  I will assemble a “world class” team to work and resolve all constituent issues with the all government entities.  Today, many of our citizen gets lost in the bureaucratic maze of Washington, DC when trying to resolve an issue with the government — that is where my office will take over to interact at the appropriate level of the bureaucracy to resolve constituent problems.

Terrorism – Terrorism has been brought to our shores by Radical Islamists and must be proactively fought at home and abroad. Eradication of this scourge on civilized nations must be a high priority.  The United States must provide leadership and facilitate international cooperation and efforts to defeat this threat wherever it is found.

Energy – The US must become free from foreign oil dependency and the damage desultory pricing has on US businesses and consumers.  The US must strengthen development of our own natural resources to include all clean energy that is not subject to market distortion with tax-payer subsidies.  Other forms of energy production such as oil, gas, and coal should be stimulated subject to rational regulation.

Foreign Affairs – American strength must be projected around the world to signal our willingness to protect our country and our allies.  Our aging nuclear deterrent must be modernized and improved to keep us safe. Agreements like President Obama’s ill-conceived Iran Nuclear deal must be approved or rejected by the US Senate as a treaty, not a business deal without transparency and full disclosure.  The US must stop bearing the unfair financial burden we currently pay for UN operations, often in contradiction to US National interests. We should support moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and improve our relationships with all US-friendly nations.

Education – The federal government should minimize undue interference with the Texas educational system and allow our state to regulate how Texas Independent School Districts are managed and curricula taught.   All programs should be closely scrutinized and eliminated where ineffective.  The development of Texas educational programs should be returned to the people under state authority.  Other types of student educational opportunities, such as charter schools, home schooling, and a voucher system should be embraced, especially where existing educational systems are under performing.

Deficit Reduction – Cut unnecessary spending and set annual budget priorities for spending because unbridled spending may well bring the US to bankruptcy.  Our kids and grandkids are being robbed — they will be paying for today’s unrestrained spending while taxpayers keep losing ground to a runaway national debt.

Health Care  The Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) is an unmitigated disaster and should be repealed and replaced with a truly affordable market-based approach that allows for interstate competition, refundable tax credit programs to partially offset health insurance costs, and a cap on tax exemption for employer-provided coverage.

Law Enforcement – Must be supported and honored for their service to our communities because they go into harm’s way everyday to protect us.  Theirs is a special calling that deserves our special attention for the grueling service they provide to us as citizens.

Israel — The United States must support the people of Israel and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  America must not be a “political piñata” for disgraceful United Nations members to beat on because we support our strong ally Israel.  The United States must finish the UN for their egregious behavior — their actions must have consequences.  Israel is one of our most significant allies and full recognition of its capitol must be supported and reaffirmed.

Agriculture — Food production in the United States is critical to our survival and national security and I fully support the critical role ranchers and farmers have in food production. 

Property Rights — I will support policies that protect private property rights of land with minimal government interference and red tape.  Unreasonable and onerous federal regulations must be cut to foster sustained growth in our farm and ranch markets.

Right To Life — This is a deeply personal and intensely emotional issue for most Americans.  I am vehemently opposed to abortion!  Unborn children are the most helpless and innocent among us.  I strongly support the rights of the unborn and believe they must be protected!

I will fight to end abortion, and make every effort to preserve, respect, and defend the sanctity of Life!  Abortion is morally and ethically repugnant to me and I will never support taxpayers paying for abortions — ever!

As your Congressman, I will actively support legislation that protects the lives of unborn children.  To this, I unequivocally pledge.