Al Poteet For Congress
Al Poteet For Congress

Hello Neighbors…I am Al Poteet and am running as a Republican to be your U. S. Representative for the 21st District of Texas.  My unique blend of public sector service, private sector experience, and Texas values will enable me to faithfully serve you if elected to the U. S. Congress.  I believe our country urgently needs real leadership, practical experience, common sense, and a passion to make government work for the people — not the other way around.

I am a Fifth Generation Texan, whose family originally settled in a community south of San Antonio, that became Poteet, Texas.  My wife, Miriam, and I reside in the 21st District in Johnson City, Texas.



January 28, 2018 / New

1/3 of Rep Candidates Don’t Live in District 21

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December 14, 2017 / New

Poteet Declares Candidacy for TX-21

POTEET ANNOUNCEMENT PRESS RELEASE DEC 5 FINAL AL POTEET FOR CONGRESS Press Release | 12/5/17 Contact: Al Poteet |830-225-8820 |...
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I am not a professional politician nor will I become one.  I have the energy, successful work experience, and leadership skills to serve my fellow Texans in the 21st.  My passion is to make Washington work the way our Founding Fathers envisioned with an unobtrusive government designed to protect the people.  If elected, I will hold the executive branch responsible for their actions, reduce the size and scope of the bureaucracy, and get the government off your backs!


I have served our country as a military combat leader, as a senior executive at the VA, and honed my leadership and business skills as a top business executive.

My life experiences have prepared me to be your representative, compete for your vote, and win the Texas primary election on March 6th and ultimately the general election on November 6, 2018.  If you elect me, I will be your voice in the Halls of Congress.  I will be the the “tip of the spear” for the 21st District and work energetically to drain the swamp.  I will work for you and no one else.

Like most citizens today, I am concerned that the dangerous issues and abuse of power facing our country are eroding our liberty and way of life.  National security, tax reform, economic recovery, out of control healthcare programs, illegal immigration, veterans and military issues are all too often influenced by selfish interests rather than those of the people.

I will use my skills and leadership experience to ensure that —

  • Working men and women have good paying jobs based on a market economy, not Socialism.
  • The “wall” is built and we welcome new citizens through legal immigration.
  • Our Second Amendment rights are staunchly defended.
  • The United States has a strong national defense second to none.
  • Radical Islamist terrorists and rogue states like N. Korea are isolated, defeated, and if necessary, U.S. leadership must lead the effort to completely dismantle their ability to strike militarily.  They must join the ranks of the civilized world or pay a heavy price.
  • Veterans receive timely, high-quality healthcare and the benefits they deserve.
  • You keep more of your hard-earned paychecks instead of supporting the lifestyle of corrupt bureaucrats.
  • America becomes energy independent.
  • Patriotism and real freedom of speech are restored.
  • Police Officers and First Responders receive the pay, support, and recognition they deserve.
  • Our educators are the best and well-compensated to teach the next generation of Americans.
  • Federal and State institutions work for the people, not special interests.
  • All citizens live under the rule of law and Congress lives under all the laws it passes.
  • The people have real affordable and accessible healthcare.


  • I fully support strict adherence to the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and especially our 2nd Amendment rights.
  • I will fight the unscrupulous influence of special interests wherever I encounter them.
  • I will “drain the Washington swamp,” and stamp out the corruption that has diminished our collective faith in traditional government institutions.
  • I will work tirelessly to restore your faith by holding government leaders fully accountable for their actions and I will hold myself to the high standards you expect from citizen legislators.
  • I will faithfully support our military service members and make certain they have the mission critical equipment, training, and support they need to defeat any threats to our national security.
  • I will ensure that citizens who are disabled, seeking better paying jobs, and those struggling with poor health or infirmities of age receive the assistance and access to programs that will help restore them to productive and fulfilling lives.


  • I am running to be your representative in the U.S. Congress because I have practical, real world experience grounded in common sense problem-solving and a real understanding of why Washington is broken and how to fix it.
  • I am committed to placing the interests of my neighbors and fellow citizens in the 21st District above all other interests.
  • I will be totally committed to you, the citizens of the 21st District, and if you elect me I will work tirelessly for you to stamp out the corruption that has plagued our nation’s capitol.
  • I want to aggressively pursue legislative remedies that restore your loss of trust and faith in government institutions.
  • I want to fight to restore your faith and pride in America’s greatness around the world.
  • I will vigorously fight to defeat the unscrupulousness Washington power brokers, their backroom deals, and the ultra-left agenda that seeks to abolish the guiding principles of our Founding Fathers.
  • I want your voice to be heard in Washington and you will be heard because I will rely on you, the citizens of the 21st, instead of the special interest lobbies that do not represent your interests.


My promise to my fellow Texans and Americans is straightforward…we must bring honesty and truth back to our national discourse.  Just as important, our elected officials must be the voice of their constituents and not the lobbyists or power-brokers.  I will work to that end and purge disreputable, incompetent, and dishonest managers from government service.  To that end, I will also work to support a high-quality, respected, appropriately sized, and organized federal work force.

I will do everything within my ability to restore your faith in government leaders and support policies that strengthen our economy.  A growing U.S. economy will increase employment, promote competition, and lead to higher wages for hard-working American workers.  Increasing the job base will help us grow our way to new tax revenues that can be used to balance the budget, ensure the continuity of Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid.  I will seek out like-minded congressional members to support an effort to start paying down our burgeoning deficit and national debt.


I pledge to diligently and aggressively support veterans and their families because the trauma of battle and the effects of extended separation from loved ones are profoundly difficult.  The effects of war do not stop when the shooting stops.

If elected, as one of my committee assignments, I will request appointment to the Veterans Affairs Committee and work diligently to ensure all veterans receive the provision of high-quality, timely healthcare and the portfolio of benefits they have earned.  Those who have served our nation and their families deserve not only our gratitude, but our highest level of real support — not fluffy press releases and lip-service.


Because I proudly served our country with two deployments to Vietnam as a decorated helicopter gunship pilot, and I now stand ready to fight for you in the Halls of Congress.

Because I am not, nor will I become, a political insider but I will be your citizen legislator in D.C.  If elected, I will forcefully maintain my outsider status and answer only to you, the people of the Texas 21st District.

Because I will be a conservative voice for a strong national defense, veterans issues, building the “wall,” the Second Amendment, and real affordable and accessible healthcare.  I have a record of leadership, experience, and accomplishment that I will put to work for you…no more kicking the can down the road.

Please entrust your vote with me on March 6, 2018 — I will not let you down.